CharmD Saga | Book Two

Be careful what you wish for….

When amateur footage of a mage performing a spell goes viral back home, American Pyromancer Blayze Martinez hops on a plane to London. If the world is about to discover the existence of magic, he wants to be as far from the epicenter of that nightmare as possible.

Shy, enormous hunk Dane Peterson can amplify others’ emotions, an ability that takes practice to control. Though he and Blayze come from different worlds, they hit it off. But their casual evening goes sideways when a shared wish at a mage party ends with each of them inside the other’s body—literally.

The body swap is one thing, but the magical skill swap is a potential disaster. While Dane and Blayze work out how to reverse the wish, they have to keep their powers under wraps or risk dooming all of magekind.


By Cold Moon's Night

Moonlight Prophecies | Book Four

Newborn vampire Ethan Lambert and Alpha werewolf Bashir Bain may have been an unlikely domestic couple ever since one of Bash’s prophecies brought them together, but destiny isn’t done with them yet.

With shifter culture shaken by the sudden surge of unknown vampires in their midst and attempted takeovers by werewolf purists, neighboring packs are already on edge. When ancient vampire Alexa steps out of the shadows to make her return to the top of the food chain—starting in Bash’s territory of Centrus City—the paranormal world teeters on the brink.
If they have any hope of stopping Alexa, they’ll have to do it before the last full moon of the year, and they’ll have to work carefully, because Alexa’s reach is long, and it’s impossible to know who to trust. To save their world and their relationship, Bash will have to find a way to show Ethan how he feels that leaves no room for doubt. Can they solve the riddles of their hearts and the ties that bind them before this latest prophecy spells their doom?  


Oathsworn (2nd Ed.)

CharmD Saga | Book One

Former chef Jasper Wight has been magically ensnared in his apartment for over three months. Cabin fever doesn’t begin to cover it. All he can do to pass the time is indulge in his hobby—painting portraits of his neighbors. But once a handsome new man moves into a swanky nearby penthouse, Jasper is no longer content merely to watch. Following his gut, he reaches out through astral projection….

Finn Anderson is the CEO of a food app funded by his parents, but he struggles to believe in the dream. When a mysterious someone starts leaving messages on his mirror, he learns the world holds more possibilities than he ever imagined.

When a chance encounter brings Finn to Jasper’s door, the pair are soon as enamored with each other as Finn is of the magic he’s just discovering. But navigating a relationship that spans two worlds is only the tip of the iceberg. They still have to figure out how to free Jasper from his apartment, how to make Finn’s business into a success, and whether an outsider can be trusted with the secrets of the magical world. 


A Salt Bitter Sea

The Luck Mechanics | Book Two

Miller Aldrun has spent his life being Cassandra, the prophet nobody believes. Born knowing when a dangerous, armed presence is nearby, Miller has always been dismissed—and had to see the people he cares about hurt. Grieving the death of a closeted lover, he finds solace cruising the waterways of Spinner’s Drift, making sure the people in the outlying islands feel safe.

When Miller discovers the weekly gathering at The Magic of Books, its members become the family he didn’t know he could have. That includes Piers Constantine, who’s hiding on the islands with his cousin to elude her stalker.

Golden, kind, and humble, Piers finds Miller fascinating. But Piers is destined to leave the island, and even if he’s the only person who ever had faith in Miller, Miller can’t bear the thought of losing someone else he loves.

Then Miller wakes up with that familiar warning in his gut. The long-ago evil that has been stalking Piers and his cousin is catching up. Miller’s gift might be the only way to protect them… but he’ll have to let Piers in. Together, they plunge into one of the island’s oldest mysteries. For once, being Cassandra is on Miller’s side. Piers and Miller conceive a desperate plan to set them free from fear—but if Miller fails, he knows nothing will be left of him but the salt-bitter sea.


Sheriff Aaron George hat vor zehn Jahren seine Frau verloren. In der Hoffnung, dass es für seine Kinder besser wäre, in einer Kleinstadt aufzuwachsen, zog er nach Colton. Mittlerweile kennt er jeden in der Stadt, einschließlich Mr. Larkin, den quirligen, amüsanten Naturwissenschaftslehrer. Seit ‚Larx’ fast wider Willen zum Rektor der örtlichen Highschool befördert wurde, fehlt ihm die Zeit, die Leichtathletik-Mannschaft zu coachen, und er beginnt stattdessen mit dem Joggen. Aaron dachte bislang, dass sich sein restliches Leben nur noch um die Kinder drehen würde, aber ein Rektor, der mit nacktem Oberkörper an einer gefährlichen Straße entlang joggt, belehrt ihn eines Besseren.

Auch Larx lebt nur für seine Kinder und für die Schüler und Schülerinnen der Colton High. Aarons Interesse bemerkt er zuerst gar nicht. Dann fangen sie an, gemeinsam zu joggen, und er lernt den Polizeibeamten für seine Verlässlichkeit, seinen Humor und sein volles Verständnis für seine Prioritäten zu schätzen: Kinder an erster, Job an zweiter und die eigenen Interessen leider an allerletzter Stelle.

Schon nach einem Kuss fühlen sich die beiden Endvierziger wie verliebte Teenager, trotz der großen Verantwortung, die auf ihren Schultern lastet. Dann wird die aufkeimende Romanze von einem Gewaltverbrechen überschattet und die beiden Männer müssen verhindern, dass die kleine Stadt im Chaos versinkt. Als sich die Ereignisse zuspitzen, erkennen sie, dass es ihre neu zusammenwachsende Familie ist, die verhindert, dass ihre Welt aus den Fugen gerät.


Love You Always, Suckers And All

Sucker For Love Mysteries | Book 9

Sloane Beaumont has pitted himself against ancient gods, murderous cultists, and cursed magic. Now he’s facing off against the most powerful threat yet: one of his own friends. 

Elliam Sturm has always had mysterious abilities.Most recently he’s used them to bring new life to his ghoul boyfriend’s rotting body. However, the true source of his power has been finally revealed and may drive him to destroy the universe in an eons-old cycle of violence and death.


For the first time since his parents’ murder, Sloane is happy with his husband, Loch, their daughter, and their growing extended and immortal family. He can’t let Ell destroy that... or himself. Desperate to save Ell from his own fated corruption and to prevent the destruction of existence as they know it, Sloane will have to travel to new worlds, raise a magical army, and fight to protect the life he and Loch have worked so hard to build in one final epic battle. 



Through the Flames

Carlisle Fire | Book 1

Kyle Wilson hasn’t had it easy. His insecurities and nasty home life made him lash out as a kid, and when he finally came out as gay, his family disowned him. Then, just when he’s pulled his life together and gotten his construction company running, he’s caught in a fire and forced to take costly time off.

When firefighter Hayden Walters rescues a man from a burning building, he’s just doing his job. He doesn’t expect it to turn his life upside-down, but the man is none other than Hayden’s high school bully.

He definitely doesn’t expect Kyle to come to the station to thank him in person.

With awkward apologies out of the way, Kyle and Hayden realize they have a lot in common. And when it turns out someone set the fire at Kyle’s construction site to target him, they find they can solve each other’s problems too: Hayden needs a place to stay while his apartment is renovated, and Kyle doesn’t want to be alone in case the firebug strikes again. Things between the two of them quickly heat up—but so does the arsonist’s agenda. Can they track down the would-be killer before it’s too late?


Feu et pluie

Les flics de Carlisle | Tome 3

Depuis la mort de leur mère, Josten Applewhite fait ce qu’il faut pour s’occuper de son petit frère et préserver la cohésion de leur petite famille. Mais, en un instant, un coup de malchance détruit le petit foyer qu’il a réussi à construire, et Jos et Isaac se retrouvent à la rue.

C’est là que l’agent Kip Rogers les trouve et, même s’il sait qu’il doit laisser les autorités compétentes s’occuper de la situation, il n’arrive pas à trouver le courage de les repousser, allant même jusqu’à les inviter à rester chez lui jusqu’à ce qu’ils se remettent sur pied. Avec l’aide de Kip et de ses amis, Jos commence à reconstruire sa vie. Mais l’expérience lui a appris que rien n’est gratuit, et la générosité semble trop belle pour être vraie, comme tout ce qui concerne Kip.

Kip a le béguin pour Jos et il aime la façon dont Jos et Isaac font de sa grande maison un foyer. Mais leur arrangement ne peut pas être permanent, pas avec Jos qui veut tracer son propre chemin. C’est alors que surgit un parent éloigné, déterminé à détruire la famille de Jos. Kip sait que Jos a besoin de lui, même s’il n’est pas prêt à l’admettre.


Kraken My Heart (Deutsch)

Kraken-Krimi der anderen Dimension | Buch 2

Es passt einfach alles zusammen: als Ted die Liebe seines Lebens kennenlernt, ist er von oben bis unten mit dem Blut eines Mordopfers bedeckt.

Ted Sturm arbeitet für ein Bestattungsunternehmen. Er hat ein loses Mundwerk, ein großes Herz und die zweifelhafte Gabe, mit Toten kommunizieren zu können. Unglücklicherweise sind Tote keine guten Freunde, und sein einziger lebender Freund, mit dem er auch die Wohnung teilt, hat gerade eine streunende Katze aufgenommen, die Ted das Leben zur Hölle macht. Und diese Katze - eigentlich ein Kater - hat es in sich. So kommt es, dass Ted sich plötzlich in einer anderen Dimension wiederfindet. Auf einer Leiche.

Ted wird des Mordes angeklagt und sein einziger Verbündeter in dieser merkwürdigen Welt voller magischer Wesen und Unwesen ist König Grell, ein sarkastischer, geiler, katzenartiger Unsterblicher mit beeindruckenden Fähigkeiten. Und einer beeindruckenden Anatomie. Die beiden werden in eine kosmische Verschwörung verwickelt, umgeben von gefährlichen Feinden. Mit Teds spezieller Begabung und Grells Magie müssen sie versuchen, der Sache auf den Grund zu gehen, um Teds Leben zu retten. Es gibt da nur ein Problem: Ted muss Grells unzweideutigen Avancen widerstehen. Und er ist sich nicht sicher, ob er das überhaupt will.


Au lever de la lune bleue

Prophéties du clair de lune

Les fiançailles rompues de l’Alpha Jay Russell pourraient bien être la meilleure chose qui lui soit arrivée. Le jumeau de son ex-fiancé, Bari, est beaucoup plus son type et franc dans son flirt et son désir d’unir leurs meutes.

Jay rentre chez lui après ses mésaventures à Centrus City avec une nouvelle prophétie, un ennemi inconnu et des conflits entre tribus à la suite d’une série de meurtres racistes. Furieux, Jay est déterminé à traduire le responsable en justice, mais les troubles bouleversent la paix fragile qu’il s’est efforcé de mettre en place, menacent la vie de son nouvel amant et sapent sa position d’Alpha, ce qui rend l’enquête difficile.

Jay et Bari peuvent-ils travailler ensemble pour combattre leurs démons intérieurs – et un étrange adversaire déterminé à faire revivre le passé – ou la méfiance et les machinations politiques vont-elles les déchirer ?


Au grand jour

Le hockey pour toujours | Book 1

Gabe Martin ne vit que pour le hockey, il n’a rien d’autre. Dante Baltierra, lui, cherche à s’amuser sur la route du Temple de la renommée du hockey. Ni Gabe ni Dante n’ont le temps de penser à l’amour.

Mais les plans changent.

Quand l’homosexualité de Gabe s’affiche dans la presse, son petit monde bien organisé se trouve bouleversé, ce qui perturbe son jeu et cause une série de défaites à son équipe. Gabe ne s’attendait pas au soutien de Dante, mais grâce à lui, il commence à remonter la pente.

La saison n’évolue pas comme Dante s’y attendait. Il déteste perdre ! Que Gabe soit gay ne le dérange pas, que lui le soit aussi le sidère. Dante a toujours exposé ce qu’il était, ce qu’il faisait, aussi déteste-t-il devoir mentir et se cacher. Mais son coéquipier a besoin lui, alors, il ronge son frein.

Il n’avait pas envisagé de tomber amoureux.

Une relation entre coéquipiers finit toujours mal. Dante est ouvert, drôle et brillant au hockey. Gabe ne peut y résister. Malheureusement, il a du mal à s’ouvrir après des années passées dans le placard et Dante s’irrite du secret de leur relation. Réussiront-ils à s’accorder avant que la glace ne cède sous leurs pieds ?


In His Sights

Second Sight | Book One

Random letters belong on Scrabble tiles, not dead bodies. But when a demented serial killer targets Boston’s gay population, leaving cryptic messages carved into his victims, lead detective Gary Mitchell has no choice but to play along.

As the body count rises, Gary gets desperate enough to push aside his skepticism and accept the help of a psychic. Dan Porter says he can offer new clues, and Gary needs all the insight into the killer’s mind he can get.

Dan has lived with his gift—sometimes his curse—his entire life. He feels compelled to help, but only if he can keep his involvement secret. Experience has taught him to be cautious of the police and the press, but his growing connection to Gary distracts him from the real danger. As they edge closer to solving the puzzle, Dan finds himself in the killer’s sights….


Under Cover

Covert | Book 1

For Judson Crosby, the transfer to the elite law enforcement branch of the SCTF is a great escape from the death sentence he earned as a whistle-blowing patrol officer. Calix Garcia, the fierce new guy, makes a perfect partner, catching bad guys while minimizing collateral damage. Crosby loves working with him.

Of course, he’d also love to work him over in a totally different way.

Garcia has waited his whole career for a solid, dependable partner like Crosby. But after six months fighting crime together, he’s done fighting their attraction.

Their coming together promises to be everything they need… until a threat from Crosby’s past comes back to haunt not just him, but their entire team.

When Crosby goes undercover to keep them safe, Garcia is frantic with worry. One false move could get Crosby killed and Garcia exposed. But they have to fight their way clear, because hiding your lover under the cover of darkness is no way to live. Crosby and Garcia will risk everything for the chance to live their lives in the light.


The Man Who Lost His Pen

Ben Ames Case Files | Book Two

Calgary PI Ben Ames expects a relaxing evening off as he supports his boyfriend, Jesse, one of the star performers at a charity concert. But it turns out relaxing isn’t on the program.

When last-minute guest Matt Garrett shows up, it creates a frenzy backstage. An A-list movie star with an ego to match, Garrett has bad blood with many of the performers—Jesse included. So when Garrett turns up dead, Ben begins to dig for the truth, both to protect Jesse and to satisfy his own instinctive curiosity.  

So much for his night off. 

When the police arrive, emotions backstage heat up, but no one can step out to cool off, because the Western Canadian winter is so cold that hypothermia waits outside. With such a high-profile crime, the lead detective seems poised to make a quick arrest… and Jesse’s a prime suspect. Ben has his work cut out for him to solve the murder under the police and paparazzi’s noses before Jesse’s reputation becomes collateral damage.


The problem with being an actor on top of the world is that you have a long way to fall.

Logan Steele is miserable. Hollywood life is dragging him down. Drugs, men, and booze are all too easy. Pulling himself out of his self-destructive spiral, not so much.

Brit Stimple does whatever he can to pay the bills. Right now that means editing porn. But Brit knows he has the talent to make it big, and he gets his break one night when Logan sees him perform on stage.

When Logan arranges for an opportunity for Brit to prove his talent, Brit’s whole life turns around. Brit’s talent shines brightly for all to see, and he brings joy and love to Logan’s life and stability to his out-of-control lifestyle. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy for Logan, and as Brit’s star rises, Logan’s demons marshal forces to try to tear the new lovers apart. 


Void Dancer

Tales from the Gemstone Kingdoms

A brilliant inventor, Enzo Dragonbane has plenty to hide, including his secret identity as the recently deceased king’s bastard son. But he’s not half as mysterious as Cullen, the man he finds in the caverns. Cullen has no memories at all.

Cullen doesn’t know who he is or how he got there, and he certainly doesn’t know anything about his strange shadow powers. But he soon learns that memories or not, magic or not, the Ruby Kingdom stands on the brink of civil war. A lower-class group called the Ashen is poised to take advantage of the power vacuum caused by the king’s death to fight for equality.

Soon Enzo and Cullen find themselves in the midst of a revolution. As they untangle Cullen’s past, they discover they have much in common. But if they’re to have any hope of a peaceful life together, they’ll have to discover the secret of controlling Cullen’s abilities, take sides in the coming fight, and face up to the truth of who they really are.


'Nother Sip of Gin (Français)

Sinners (Français) | Tome 7

Pour les rocks stars de Crossroads Gin, Miki, Damien, Rafe et Forest, la vie est une bande de Möbius de musique, de chaos et de meurtres. Et au milieu de tout cela se trouvent des moments doux et excitants entre les tournées avec leurs amoureux, leurs amis et la famille capable de les garder sains d’esprit, en bonne santé et heureux. Ces histoires courtes couvrent la série Sinners depuis les prémices avant la première note jusqu’à l’extinction des lumières et au-delà.


An Inkredible Love

Sucker For Love Mysteries | Book 8

It’s hard to have a love life when you don’t have a pulse.

All that changes for Fred Wilder when he meets Elliam Sturm a few weeks after Sloane Beaumont first becomes a Starkiller and kills a god.

As a ghoul, Fred Wilder needs very specialized medicine to combat his constantly rotting body. As a thief, Fred needs that body in good condition. Fortunately for him, Ell does the impossible: brings new life to Fred’s dead flesh.

Just being around Ell makes Fred feel alive for the first time since his untimely demise. He’s so charmed by Ell’s bright personality and shared love of obscure fantasy that he doesn’t think twice about the source of Ell’s power. But this is Archersville, so their blossoming romance is threatened by a dangerous painting that could awaken an ancient god who could destroy the world. Now the fate of billions hinges on Fred completing a daring heist.

But as Fred and Ell work together, the true depth of Ell’s power becomes impossible for Fred to ignore, and he’s forced to accept that perhaps the biggest mystery—and the biggest threat—has been with them all along….