R Frank Davis

R Frank Davis (he/they) is a Black author with a romantic streak. He is also a believer in truth, reality, and facing the facts of American life. A local-newspaper reporter, big-city-daily editor, and managing editor of a prize-winning magazine over the last forty-five years, in retirement he has finally turned his efforts to creating his own realities through fiction. But that’s not new; he’s been writing stories ever since he could hold a pencil.

He may also be the oldest Dirty Old Man writing romance novels.

To be a good reporter or editor, one must have knowledge in many areas. Having an honors diploma as an undergraduate, a master’s degree in management, an addiction to current events, and a great love of history, R Frank tries to tie what he’s experienced to what he hopes readers will want in fun and intelligent ways.

 Living in Chicago with his husband of ten years, he enjoys live theater and musicals, comedy and action movies, James Baldwin, jazz music, ee cummings, and hour-long walks, especially along the shore of Lake Michigan. As a single father, his greatest accomplishment was getting  all three children educated, employed, and out of the house. He loves them madly.

Since becoming a published novelist, he has become very involved in social media, especially sites dealing with gay male romance. He is an advocate for “own voices” romances, BIPOC and interracial fiction, and authors who may not be well-known. He has two Facebook sites—RFrank Davis and RFrankly News & Views. He can be found on Instagram as rfranklie and on TikTok as rfrankly21.

As social intolerance, sexual freedom, and gender identity have become today’s headlines, R Frank Davis is excited to tell tales of societal evolution, and to entertain readers along the way.