Brad Boney

"I struggle every day to tell authentic stories that people want to read. I may only succeed a small percentage of the time, but that's not the point. For me, the struggle alone is a massive achievement." Brad Boney lives in Austin, Texas, the seventh gayest city in America. He grew up in the Midwest and went to school at NYU. He lived in Washington, DC, and Houston before settling in Austin. He blames his background in the theater for his writing style, which he calls “dialogue and stage directions.” His first book was named a Lambda Literary Award finalist. He believes the greatest romantic comedy of all time is 50 First Dates. His favorite gay film of the last ten years is Strapped. And he has never met a boy band he didn’t like. He's an Excel guru by day and plays a mean game of Euchre. He hopes to see the day when two men can get married in Texas.

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