Angelicque Bautista

Angelicque is a Puerto Rican writer wearing the “totes professional adult,” “wannabe-eclectic twentysome-year-old,” and “confused but not yet panicking” undergrad coats. She writes about love, friendship, and other giddy sweet things in between Netflix binges and gossip sessions with friends. She has a tendency to pull on her headphones, turn up Top-20 songs and a cappella arrangements and dance around the living room like her neighbors aren’t watching—she swears they enjoy the shows. There’s no one available to share these rituals with but she hopes to find a swinging dance partner in the future—when she’s not polishing the plaque on her office desk as CEO of the entire world. Angelicque writes at night with the A/C turned on high to combat the heat and spends her days jotting down ideas on receipts, sticky notes, and voided checks. Once her writing, daily concerts, and world-ruling plans are done, she can be reached at her personal Tumblr account and tempted with queries on fandoms, writing, and love. She is known, more often than not, on the interweb-thing as Epi.