Alexis K Henley

Alexis K Henley is a twenty-one-year-old senior at Brevard College. She’s majoring in English with a creative writing emphasis and minors in psychology. This year she is the head editor of her school’s literary magazine, and for her senior project, she will be writing a witchy YA fantasy novel. She is excited to finally finish a novel and to make the next issue of the magazine with a variety of creative pieces in it. To follow her journey and to hear her talk about writing, follow her on Instagram. Her current Instagram obsessions are cute animals (specifically corgis), writing tips, and anything about Marvel. 

Alexis aspires to be a full-time author one day, but she also is thinking about going to graduate school to get her MFA. If she had to choose another career path, she’d love to work with manatees, her favorite animal. While she attends school in the mountains, her heart belongs to the beach where she can read uninterrupted. When she has any free time at college, she likes to play video games with a good storyline, spend time with her mom, drink Cheerwine, and go to coffee shops only to drink tea—she hates coffee! While Alexis has written some nonfiction and a variety of poems, fiction is still the dearest to her heart and it’s where she feels like she flourishes the most. She loves to write about young adults finding themselves and changing the world in some way.