Wicked Reads Praises Finding the Sky
February 20

Wicked Reads Praises Finding the Sky

From the Wicked Reads YA Edition, reviewer Jason says: Being a teenager, it’s hard for me to find a book I can connect with. Reading Finding the Sky made me realize that there are books I can connect with.

As the final bell of Dillon's sophomore year, he would have never expected to end up where he is now. As Dillon walked home from school on the last day he stopped at a corner mart to get a soda. A gang called the Shanks started to rob the store. As the robbery started it ended just as fast with the cashier pulling out a pistol. Dillon was taken to the police station and was questioned about the incident.

When Dillon was home, his mother called her brother, Bryan. Bryan offered to take Dillon for the summer to keep him away from the Shanks and any other trouble. On Dillon's way to Uncle Bryan's, a truck hits a hawk. Dillon and Bryan picked it up to take to the rehabilitation center.

When the two get to Uncle Bryan's house Dillon meets a boy named Scott, the son of the rehabilitation center's owners. Anytime Dillon is around Scott he gets these weird feelings that he can't describe. As the summer goes on, Dillon's feelings get stronger, and the trouble with the Shanks increase.

I love the way this book flowed, I didn't want it to end! I look forward to reading more from A.M. Burns.

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