Where’d I Get that Character’s Face? by Lou Hoffmann
October 05

Where’d I Get that Character’s Face? by Lou Hoffmann


Hi! I’m Lou Hoffmann, and I’m getting ready to tell you a secret. To prepare, look in with me as the warrior Han Shieth is describing Lucky, the series protagonist to himself, and noticing changes since the last time he saw him. (This is from Key of Behliseth, book one of The Sun Child Chronicles.)


“While pouring Luccan a glass of tea, he covertly looked the boy over, cataloging changes. They were many and great—really young man was closer to right than boy. Han chewed his lip, wondering where Luccan’s lofty stature had come from. Luccan had already grown taller than either of his parents. His eyes, they were like his mother, Liliana’s, though Lili’s were green instead of brown. Han smiled inside, noticing Luccan had inherited his mother’s straight nose too, but about two sizes too large. It could be hoped the rest of him would catch up. In the meantime, thank the gods, it was offset by the coarse mane falling over his brow. His father had likely given him that thick hair, but Lohen’s had been chestnut and curly, while Luccan’s grew straight as string and had a red-brown, bloodstone color all its own.”


So here’s the scoop: I pretty much never create a character based on someone I know, but this time, I did. He was my first boy-crush, when I was no older than maybe nine. We lived across the street from each other and one day we shared a funny little kiss on the swing set in his backyard. I continued to have a crush on him until my early teens, by which time he was gone from my life, but I’ve never forgotten him.


In book two, Wraith Queen’s Veil, Lucky continues to live up to my ideal image of who that boy across the street—who was shy but brave, protective, and “the fastest runner in the whole school”—would have grown to be.


That’s my secret… or rather it was my secret.


But it’s no secret at all that I’m thrilled about this little piece of news: Nictaf, the student reviewer on LitPick who previously awarded five stars to Key of Behliseth has read its sequel, Wraith Queen’s Veil, and doled out another five shiny stars! Here’s a few words from the review: “Lou Hoffman made yet another awesome book filled with fantasy, adventure, action, and thrills around every corner…. It was chock-full of magic and danger; this is the best book of the series yet!” Read the whole review. (Thank you, Nictaf! I’m honored that you chose to read and review my book, and very glad you enjoyed it!)


Wraith Queen’s Veil is officially released tomorrow, October 6, and I’ve celebrating with a blog tour. Click here for the schedule and links. Some fun stops, and you can win prizes, too! I hope to see you along the way!


Thanks for reading!