Top 5 Escape Rooms with CC Bridges

Top 5 Escape Rooms with CC Bridges
Thursday May 24, 2018


In an escape room you are “locked” in a room for an hour and need solve puzzles to find your way out. 


5. The Mad Scientist Room

This fun and creative room started out looking like an ordinary doctor’s office, only to hide a secret passage and a mad scientist’s lair!


4. Tesla’s Mystery 

Not the car company, the inventor. In this room we had to construct Tesla’s wireless electric device to escape, and I ended up getting a bit of a shock! Literally! I touched something I shouldn’t have. 


3. Video Valhalla 

This room was set up to look like a 1980s video store, and in the scenario, you returned your VHS tape, but forgot to rewind it. In order to not pay the $2500 rewind fee, you break into the store and have an hour before the cops show up to retrieve your tape and rewind it. This room was hilariously funny, and included a lot of parodies of classic 1980s films.


2. The Great Room 

This room is part of a Haunted House company, and during the Halloween season they have live actors. So not only are you trying to solve the puzzles and escape, but you are dealing with actors dressed as ghosts. One of them locked one of our friends in a closet until she figured out the puzzle. Frightening, yes, but an escape room experience like no other.


1. Five Wits-Pharoah’s Tomb 

Five Wits’ rooms aren’t classic escape rooms. However, they are the closest you’ll get to actually living out a video game like adventure. We had to appease the Pharaoh's ghost and solve his riddle or have the ceiling drop down on us. It felt like a classic Indiana Jones movie, and we were the stars!