Tia Fielding's Top 5 Dog Breeds

Tia Fielding's Top 5 Dog Breeds
Thursday July 12, 2018


Hi everyone!

Today I’m here talking about my Top 5 dog breeds, because let’s face it, my latest release, Like Breathing, wouldn’t be half the book it is without its dog characters!

Let’s do this all fancy countdown style, eh?

5. German shepherd (Long and short haired both, my family has had both ever since I was born!)

4. Finnish hounds (Finnish rabbit hunting breed, and my family has had one or two of these my whole life)

3. Airedale Terrier (The biggest terrier breed, my childhood buddy was one of these)

2. (English) Bull terrier (Clownish lap dogs, toddlers in a dog suit, whatever you call them, they’re awesome! Younger of my current two is a bully and I adore her.)

1. Mixed Breeds (While people tend to prefer purebred dogs in Finland where I’m from and live in, the dog love of my life is a mixed breed stray I adopted from Spain. She’s probably half-bull terrier, but that’s all we can figure out!)


I left out one breed that’s dear to me, simply because I think my dog wasn’t a typical representation of her breed. She was a papillon, you know, the little dogs with wispy fur and those huge ears? Yeah, she loved to roam the great outdoors and even chased rabbits. While she was also a Queen of the Couch, she wasn’t a prim and proper lady when she got to go into the woods!

And yes, it’s no secret that one of the dogs in Like Breathing is modeled after my bull terrier, and I can’t wait for you to “meet” her!

What’s your favorite breed if you’d have to pick one?

I’ll randomly draw a winner who gets one of my backlist titles of their choice for summer reading!