Sue Brown's Top 5 Biscuits

Sue Brown's Top 5 Biscuits
Thursday June 28, 2018

Thinking of a top five something is very dependent on the time of day. It’s early morning here. I’ve worked through my day job emails, and it’s time for tea (or coffee) and biscuits. Today you get my top five biscuits.

1)      Without a doubt and by far the winner, is Bourbon biscuits. Two chocolate-flavoured biscuits with a chocolate cream filling. Heaven. I could eat an entire packet with one cup of tea. My son is just the same. He keeps a huge tin just for his Bourbon biscuits at in his room at university.

2)      Number 2 in my biscuit heaven is a gorgeous chocolate digestive. You may be sensing a theme here. Yes, I am a chocolate addict and my top faves reflect that. I watched a programme about the factory that makes chocolate digestives. It was fascinating. The chocolate part is actually the bottom as that’s how they are coated.

3)      Chunkie chocolate chip cookies with extra chocolate. These are a treat and so so fattening, but heavenly to my taste-buds. They would have been number 1, but Bourbons are cheap and heavenly.

4)      For variety, Hob Nobs, a cross between a flapjack and a digestive, and yes, you can get a chocolate version too. These are also great dunking biscuits. I was never allowed to duck my biscuits as a kid, so I have taken it to heart as an adult.

5)      Finally, chocolate fingers because they remind me of Sunday teatime as a kid and that’s a memory I like to keep.


What are your favourite biscuits or cookies? What is your favourite biscuit to dunk in your tea or coffee? I see my American friends going to town at Christmas with their cookie-making. Is that something you do? Now I’m hungry. Maybe it’s time for elevensies.