Saving Crofton Hall accepted by DSP - due out Winter 2014

Saving Crofton Hall accepted by DSP - due out Winter 2014
Saturday June 21, 2014

Exciting news :)


Dreamspinner Press have contracted Saving Crofton all -  a modern day spin off from the Crofton Chronicle.

Due for publication Nov/Dec 2014


Submission blurb:

Crofton Hall has been in Benjamin Redbourn’s family for generations, and he’ll be damned if they lose their ancestral home while he’s the Earl of Crofton. His mother’s gambling debts have reared their ugly head, along with the fact she forged Ben’s signature and submitted a phoney business plan to the bank to get the manager to lend her millions of pounds. The bank might be on the verge of foreclosing but Ben won’t give up without a fight, and Crofton Hall is going to have to start paying her way by being opened to the public. But becoming a venue for weddings and lavish events isn’t a simple process and Ben is going to need help, and fast.

Ben’s saviour comes in the shape of Ashley Niven, someone not only with experience but has a love of history. Together they begin the hard slog to getting Crofton Hall whipped into shape, and surviving the members of the public who come through the doors. Ben can’t help but notice how attractive Ashley is, but now is not the time to get distracted, even if Ashley could look past Ben’s now no-longer deserved playboy reputation. But Crofton Hall has many secrets, and it is just possible that something hidden for over four hundred year can change their future, forever.