Review: Mad About the Hatter
August 18

Review: Mad About the Hatter

From NetGalley reviewer Kristina Aziz:

Alice's brother, Henry, has never believed her tales about where she went when she disappeared. So Alice decided to do something about it. She sent him to Wonderland with only one piece of advice: "Mind the Mad Hatter."

Hatter, on the other hand, is imprisoned by the Red Queen. The only promise of keeping his head is delivering Henry (known as Boy Alice) to have his head off instead.

Mad About Hatter is a great throwback for lovers of the Wonderland series and variations of it. I get the feeling the emotional scenes were meant to be more emotional, but the light hearted lexicon of the book kind of glossed them over. What I did appreciate, though, was Hatter's self description of being just right out bisexual. Personally, I feel bisexuals don't have nearly enough representation in a publishing industry that is still largely of a black-and-white mentality.

Overall, this is a well written book with great characters and the overhanging question of What Will Happen To Henry that keeps you going and a romance that keeps you rooting for the adorable couple to be okay.

My rating: 4.7 (rounded to 5)