Reading Grrl Calls Fjord Blue a
February 25

Reading Grrl Calls Fjord Blue a "Wonderful Read"

Ben gets sent to stay with his grandparents in Norway after his year of hell. There amidst the beautiful scenery and blue water of the fjord he discovers more about himself. Ben knows he's gay, he's been running from that all year, but now he is learning to accept it and trying to discover what he really wants out of life. Life on the farm in Norway is not easy. Its hard work from early in the morning until he can barely move at night. His days of partying or even thinking of partying seem to be over and he isn't sure if he should be upset about it. 

This book is filled with the juxtaposition of different cultures, American City life vs. Slow paced small town life and Cubano vs Norwegian life. The stoic quiet small town religious culture of the Norwegian community vs. the boisterous and always stimulating American and Cubano cultures are tough on Ben at first but slowly he learns to appreciate the quiet and the beauty around him as well.

Beautiful descriptions and very well developed characters. You really feel for Even who is struggling with his super religious parents who just don't understand their son at all. Ben's grandparents who are also religious are not quite what they seem and you see glimpses of their fun nature a few times. I didn't want this story to end, I wanted to know more, I wanted to see where things would go and that to me is the measure of a really great book. 

Rossing deals with the LGBT aspects in this book with raw honesty. You feel the struggle that Ben has with his new realization, and his fear of his community and his religious grandparents finding out. The tragic results that some people deal with when coming out and the grace and joy when parents embrace their children no matter what. Wonderful read.