Reading Addict Gives Mad About the Hatter 5 Stars
November 15

Reading Addict Gives Mad About the Hatter 5 Stars

Can we first admire and drool over this beautiful and colorful cover? Ok, thank you! Now, let's get into the review. 

I have to admit that the cover caught my eyes but after I read the synopsis I knew that I had to read it, this book had to be mine. Because I love Alice in Wonderland retellings and I love my boys, if I can say it like that.  So, I had to read it!

And I read it. And even if at first I thought that it's just cute and nothing special, then the plot became interesting and the characters got fleshed out even more, the world kept surprising me more and more. And the plot twists, guys! Which I didn't see coming. This book was like a huge and delicious delicious chocolate dessert. From which I want more but now I finished it... 

So, as always, I won't tell you about the plot or the ending, but as I was telling you this is really really good and I think is one of my favourite Alice retellings, in point of world building, characters and plot. Because with each chapter you're more and more involved and it's like you're there, in the story with the characters. And you can feel, smeel, see and hear everything. And it's such an amazing feeling! Also, Henry and Hatter are well done characters and they are so cute and funny and I smile like a crazy person just thinking about them. They are very charming and beautiful inside and outside guys! And they are SO cute together! I can't even.

I'm such in love with this book now and I want to read it again, even if I finished it five minutes ago. It was so interesting and gripping and such a fresh and intriguing, beautiful and well thought story, with such great and vivid characters, and the writing style is almost magical, because you really feel transported to Wonderland as you read. I really don't know what to say to convince you to pick this up and read it!

So, if you like Alice in Wonderland retellings or just awesome and gripping stories, with emotions and action and suspense, and beautiful description and a satisfying ending then read it! Also, if you like stories with cute guys read it! I would recommend this to anyone, doesn't matter what genre you read or if you like glbt or not. Because it doesn't matter. Also, if this help more, the relationship between the two reminded me a little of Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. So if you love that as much as me then pick this up! Now! 

You won't regret reading this!

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