Raves for Living with the Fall
October 11

Raves for Living with the Fall

Reviewer Tina Diffley writes:

My God. I never would have thought that I would find such a gem among the free to download section of NetGalley. Now that I have, I'll be keeping a much more careful eye there in future. I was actually so blown away by this book that I needed several days to gather my thoughts and feelings into coherent sentences so I could write this review. 

Living With the Fall is the best post-apocalyptic YA novel I've ever read. No joke. I don't even like The Walking Dead, but you don't need to in order to enjoy this book. The plot and action would appeal to anyone. It was so original and fresh that I ate up every detail and rabidly hunted for more, MORE. Zombies in the English highlands. Genius, right?

But the good stuff doesn't stop with the idea. The characters. Oh, how I could rant about the characters. Flo is the protagonist - a kind, clever farmer boy who looks after his family's sheep with his brother and uncle. Hulme - the funny and talented hunter with a heart of gold underneath all that Snakeskin armour. And Dihr - Hulme's sassy hunter partner who keeps both boys on their toes but is so gentle and caring. I literally fell in love with all of them. 

Kudos also to the author for including sexualities not commonly seen in YA and not making the character 'be' their sexuality - it was not the main focus of the story, nor should it be - it was simply a part of who they were, like the way they were sharp-witted or a good cook. It was also so refreshing to see romance take a backseat in serious situations - a thing that nearly all YA forgets to do these days. (I'm sick of reading about a girl who's been kidnapped but all she can notice is how her kidnapper's eyes are the colour of the sea when the sky is overcast. What the fuck?!?!? Bitch, focus on getting free of your bonds and not how well his shirt clings to his muscles or you're gonna DIE!!!) In fact, I found how the characters had obvious crushes and sometimes, jealousy, to be super cute and I jumped for joy at each small clue or glance. The way that it went light-handed on the romance was much more fun than when a book tries to ram a romance down your throat!

The plot and the pace was perfect - there were action scenes where our characters would have to fight zombies and slower but equally great ones where they would talk and give more insight to their personality. Flo's constant struggle with the virus was enthralling and he was the most unlikely but perfect hero. I don't wanna give too much away so all I'll say in regards to the plot is: it's amazing. The only teeny complaint I have is I felt there was slightly too much of (view spoiler) I was also gutted it ended when it did but I've my fingers crossed for a sequel(PLEASE?!?!).


Seriously. The worldbuilding was so fantastic, so wonderful that I would have been completely content to read about the trio talking and travelling for 400 pages with no goal or aim in sight. It was so good I could visualise everything before my eyes, clear as day. It was like watching a film. I'm actually beaming at how fun and easy it was to read. I've not been so engrossed in a book in a long time. 

As a final note, I would like to thank you, Hannah Thompson, for writing what you wanted to and not what everyone else is writing in the YA world at the moment. 

And for anyone who doesn't want to read all this rambling, here's the TLDR;

Reasons to read this book:
- Superb worldbuilding
- Great, original plot
- Cute farm boy
- Sexy hunter man
- Sassy hunter lady
- LGBT characters
- NO LOVE TRIANGLES (this should be enough incentive alone XD)