Raves for Like I Know Jack and The Center Series
January 18

Raves for Like I Know Jack and The Center Series

NetGalley reviewer Sabrina E. writes:  Thank you M.C. Lee, this book was absolutely EVERYTHING. And it's not even over yet! *happy sigh*

I can't remember a book that has been that much fun and kept me so on edge from the first page to the last. It's fun–addictive really–intense and just... riveting. Favorite #undercover story/series. 

I might just read it all over again right away. 

I admire the author's writing style; the book's engaging, smart, easy to read and well, sucks you right in. 

Jack's voice feels so authentic; he's such a wonderful character. He's sweet and caring, tough and smart, passionate and wants to do the right thing, even though he's positive the stuff the Center is up, and the people within its walls most likely aren't after the right thing. 

Still, Jack always puts everyone and their well being first. He's absolutely amazing, really, especially considering the circumstances he grew up under. He's only sixteen and yet a true professional when it comes to being a real undercover agent. 

I love him so much!!! 

During his next undercover mission Jack continues to learn more about himself and the people in his life, as well as what it means to be the bait this time around. 

He's being loaned out by the Center after Agent Anna Baxter has handpicked him to be part of her team, much to Jack's frustration. The agent who has looked down on him when they crossed paths the first time will now be playing the role of his mother... 

Jack isn't looking forward to be spending any time with her, much less working for her. I feel you, Jack. Yikes. *shudders*

Jack's role is to insinuate himself into a drug ring by befriending Connor White, a high schooler his age and friend of Gregor Slovak. Connor and two friends also work for Gregor, and he easily sees the potential in Jack, after bonding with the new kid on the block. 

Everything seems to go as planned until Jack comes face to face with Agent Baxter, who has an agenda of her own—one that forces Jack into a treacherous situation...

The plot was awesome—truthfully the best—I nearly had a meltdown with every other chapter. Heh. My poor, poor heart! And my nerves; jeez. 

I loved how shady Agent Baxter was, from the moment we met her in the last book, up until the end of this one. 

I loved that I couldn't trust her. 

I also loved that the way the story unfolded, I still wasn't able to trust Leo or Sean or Connor or really anyone we met!!! It was exhausting :) 

And it was pure torture being in Jack's shoes. 

His emotions and confused feelings were absolutely palpable. Gah, I felt so much :) 

Yeah, I really, really loved that every time I thought I knew where this was going, something came up and I froze alongside Jack. Made me cringe, sigh, curse and rethink all possible scenarios and outcomes before I was able to continue. It was unsettling, lol. 

As if the irritating Baxter and her crazy ass secret mission wasn't enough, with all the shit happening, Jack's also realizing how lonely his life was up until meeting Leo, who he's no closer to figuring out than he was since they met, two assignments ago. 

Their lovestory is frustrating at times; I cursed out loud, pulled my hair and I think I screamed a couple of times, scaring my poor pup away. 

Their lovestory is also sweet and beautiful and I believe has potential to grow and blossom, eventually. 

Oh boy, I was wary at the beginning when we meet Jack at his psych eval, discussing his past assignment with Dr. Clark, because I remembered how that assignment went, and can I just say If You Knew Jack ended way intense! 

Like I know Jack picks up where book two left off, and in case you don't remember what happened in the previous installment you'll catch up really quickly, don't worry. 

If you've read the first and second installment you'll know what I mean when I say it's been a real rollercoaster ride once again!!!

And while I think I'm very, very happy how the story has played out, I have to admit... 

I'm slightly frustrated though. 

There is no way I can wait until the end of the year for the next installment!

I need answers. So many answers. And soon! T__T

I pre-ordered this as soon as it was available last week and when I got an ARC a few days later I thought my heart would burst! It probably would've if it were possible to die from sheer anticipation. 

I instantly began reading, then stopped before reaching the middle. It was just so much fun to meet with Jack and everyone again I simply had to stop and take a deep, deep breath. 

Instead of continuing though, I pulled out book one (You Don't Know Jack ) and two (If You Knew Jack) again and then started all over with the third AND I couldn't put it down longer than a few minutes this time; I ate up every single word, page for page. 

And if you haven't guessed yet: 


Go pick it up now! If you like spy-stuff, undercover work, plot twists and a wonderful character trying to find out who he really is then you won't regret it. I'm positive. 


Also, I'd like to quickly remind you, that this is a Young Adult book, the boys are seventeen and sixteen. This is a love story, yes :) but its focus is not loads of sex. Just saying :)