Rainbow Award Honorable Mention for I'll Always Miss You
December 06

Rainbow Award Honorable Mention for I'll Always Miss You

What an excellent book. Several strands beautifully woven together, the book never gets frantic. The ghost story dovetails beautifully with the boys' story which develops at such a lovely pace. Other sidelines are fitted in carefully providing a multi-dimensional book with depth (as in RL). Learning Isa is gay is not the central theme which is so refreshing. As he says, that is not all he is. Both mc are well developed although told from Isa's perspective we learn a lot about Mackie and how he feels. Excellent family relationships - arguments and laughter as in most families. How interesting to make the family Moroccan and to use this for a couple of key themes (Isa learning to cook and family). Two different areas of US described - I could tell the difference. So well written. Flows well, no grammatical or editorial errors to pull one out of the story. Language seemed natural for teenage boys and a family.

A different coming out story with an unusual mix of main characters - the Moroccan culture was nicely defined and the boys acted like real teenagers, going from initial antagonism to mutual respect and affection.

This was an enjoyable young adult tale with several pleasant differences from other YA stories I’ve read. One of the best aspects of I’ll Always Miss You is that Isa and Zaman acted and behaved as typical teenagers. They were totally realistic and not like adults in teen bodies as is often seen in YA.

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