R. Cooper's Top 5 Comfort Movies

R. Cooper's Top 5 Comfort Movies
Thursday November 29, 2018



I’m R. Cooper, author of the Being(s) in Love series. One of which, Sweet Clematis, is out this week. Clematis is the sort of person (well, fairy) who looks like a model that parties on the arm on some sugar daddy, but in reality spends most of his time alone and loves romances. 

With that in mind, here are his (my) Top Five Movies to Watch When You Need Comfort, Romance, and Maybe a Light Cry. But I am gonna call them Comfort Movies for short. 


1. Working Girl—I love that the MC is soft-spoken but fierce. She’s ignored at work because of her looks and because she’s lower class, and she responds by using the rules of the upper class against them. This movie also has Joan Cusack being amazingly funny, plus Harrison Ford as most supportive potential (eventual) boyfriend ever.

2. Moonstruck—The way it’s set in the real world but also not in the real world at all. And the dialogue! Meanwhile, someone who doesn’t think she gets magic or romance gets both of those things. AND it has a makeover scene. I love a makeover scene. But this one she does for herself and it’s so quiet and lovely. 

3. Roman Holiday—It’s gentle and charming and rips your guts out. It portrays being a princess as a job, which I love. What I like also is the equally scruffy, sarcastic best friend who doesn’t fall in love with the princess but still chooses to act with the same respect and care for her. It just… I mean, it makes me cry but also *my heart*. (I imagine Clematis owns this on VHS and can’t watch it anymore because his tape player broke but he won’t give it up.) 

4. Ball of Fire—An old Barbara Stanwyck screwball comedy. A gangster’s girlfriend winds up hiding out in the house of a bunch of dusty old professors working on an encyclopedia. Well… one of them isn’t so dusty. One of them is awkward, virginal Gary Cooper in a bowtie. (!!) She shows him how to kiss. There is a greeeat height difference and lots of her realizing that his quiet, dorky devotion is better than any diamonds the gangster might give her. 

5. Howl’s Moving Castle—(the animated movie, not the book). It has a charming wizard who steals hearts (allegedly) and someone who sees herself as frumpy and not meant for adventure or romance, but then finds herself with both after being cursed. (!) 

Do you guys have any good comfort-y, achy but happy movies you want to babble about?