Prism Book Alliance Loves Like I Know Jack
March 21

Prism Book Alliance Loves Like I Know Jack

From reviewer Queue at Prism Book Alliance:

I have truly enjoyed reading this series. The first two were great but this book has to be my favorite of the series so far. MC Lee has done an amazing job mixing age-appropriate action, tension and romance.

Jack is a teenage operative for a mysterious group called The Center. Along the way he has fallen for Leo, another young agent. There has been problems along the way, of course, but in this story Leo and Jack really cement their relationship.

Jack has grown in many ways since the first book. He’s more sure of himself now and, to the disapproval of his bosses, doesn’t take everything at face value. He questions things, though there were times he overthought situations and almost made huge mistakes.

He’s also grown emotionally closer to Leo, despite the mental tug of war that goes on while on assignment. He also cussed more than in previous books, a sure sign a young man is maturing.

This book had a ton of surprises that just added to my enjoyment of the story. Many times I sat back, shook my head, and said “Wow.”

There are more than one bad guy in this tale. One lady in particular is a piece of work. I think I disliked her more than the bad guy they were all out to take down.

There were more secrets about Jack’s parents revealed at the end of the book and I cannot wait for book four.

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