Praise for The Body
September 10

Praise for The Body

Reviewer Jeff Linamen writes in NetGalley: 

The Body is a beautifully written coming of age story, a coming out story and definitely one the LGBT Christian youth should read. Exactly how does a Christian come to terms their gay identity? Can their be an acceptance and balance of the two?

R.J. Martin has created a touching novel of one boy's search for purpose. This is in no way a preachy book. I would think anyone, from any background; that appreciates a good coming of age story would enjoy this book. Jonah's dilemma is one that so many young people face. There is no shaming in this book. There are also no clear paths projected as the right answer. Rather, this is the story of one boy's deep faith being challenged through his own budding recognition of his true self.

This is a story about family, friendship, first love and finding a greater calling.

Personally, as someone who grew up in the church, I was left alienated and felt the church doors slammed in my face. I totally identified with Jonah's inner conflict and even fantasies of his greater calling to serve.

The Body in every aspect, shows a positive approach to finding love and acceptance. It emphasizes that it is possible to both love who you are meant to love and contribute toward the good of all mankind-- effectively; even if it is not through the church.