More Raves for Mad About the Hatter!
September 04

More Raves for Mad About the Hatter!

The reviews keep rolling in for Dakota's Chase's Wonderland revisited:

Book Babble raves: "I absolutely loved this Alice and Wonderland retelling!! Chase captured the sense of wonderland so beautifully while adding new sections of Wonderland that fit in perfect with the world! Mad About The Hatter is a beautifully written, well researched, and enjoyable book to read! Absolutely one of my favorite retellings!!"  Find the full review here.

Sarah LaForce in NetGalley: "I was desperate to finish and see what happened in the end and was pleasantly surprised by the plot twist that I did not see coming. The ending was written in a way that there could possibly be a sequel in the future and if there is I would most definitely read it."

In Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous: "Dakota Chase's Wonderland, both the setting and characters, is as fascinating and magical as you can get, deriving her inspiration from Carroll's enchanting yet treacherous setting. This was a refreshingly fun book to read, one that I didn't know I needed but was grateful for....   The misadventures of Henry and Hatter were an exceptionally entertaining way for me to spend a couple of hours and I would happily recommend it whether you're a fan of the original stories or not." Read the full review here.