More praise for Mad About the Hatter
September 05

More praise for Mad About the Hatter

Wendy Fletcher from Badass Book Reviews writes: "Mad About the Hatter was not at all what I thought it would be. I prepared myself for a romance that was loosely tied to Alice in Wonderland… The reality was a complete surprise. First of all, I did not expect the story to be written with so much of Lewis Carol’s heart! I was blown away by how the author was able to embody the spirit of the story the way she did." Read the full review here

NetGalley reviewer Meliisa Martin says: "I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the cover is beautiful! ...while I still don't ever want to visit Wonderland, it was nice to visit in this book :)"

From Pepita Mágica's review: "Wonderland from Mad About the Hatter by Dakota Chase is everything you could hope for. It has exactly the same vibe from Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, same weirdness, same poshness, same nonsense, same wonder. I felt as if I was really in Wonderland and not in a version created by Dakota Chase.... Dakota Chase’s writing is marvellous. She caught Wonderland essence perfectly. Summing up, it’s a wonderfully written book; it has all the major ingredients of Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland; it’s funny and cute; and it has action and a lot of awesome weird nonsense." The full review (in Spanish)  is here.

Emily Johnson posted in NetGalley: "I really liked this book and how the author was able to retain the feel of the original book so well. The blend of nonsense and danger was well done, and Wonderland never felt too silly or too angsty. The plot was well drawn and paced, and I liked that the romance was only part of the story....Overall a fun ya story with an interesting cast and plot.