More Praise for Mad About the Hatter
August 24

More Praise for Mad About the Hatter

More NetGalley reviewers love Mad About the Hatter!

Louise Mason wrote: "I loved this book so much! The world-building was amazing that I felt like I was in Wonderland alongside the Hatter and Henry. Every section of Wonderland they crossed was so different from the last and every bit as magical."

Amie Toepfer gave 5 stars, saying "This book is by far one of the best books I have read in a little while! It does an amazing job of telling the story of Hatter and Henry. Never once is there a time when being gay is questioned about being right. Instead Dakota has captured the spirit of wonderland and has capture my heart with this book. This is a must buy for every teen librarian."

H.V. Corvin said, "Although this story did end on a completed note, I honestly hope that this will be first in a series, because I want more! The writing was snarky and witty and great fun. It had me smiling and laughing from beginning to end. The author really did catch the perfect 'Alice' tone, but wonderfully and seamlessly smoothed it into their own twist. Any easy 5/5 stars from me."

Jane Skudder wrote: "I'm a huge Alice fan so was interested to see what was done with the original story here. I was very impressed - Dakota Chase obviously knows her Alice pretty well - and really enjoyed the book. The romance was understated and never interfered with the plot - which was just as well because if Henry and Hatter has spent all their time gazing into each other's eyes the Red Queen would have had their heads off pretty quickly...."

Laurie Monical gave it 5 stars: "This book is fabulous fun! The author combined the fantasy of Wonderland with a sweet romance. The results are a fun trip back to childhood!"

Trish Lunt commented: "This reversioning of The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland offers a delightful twisted tale and a simultaneous narrative critique of the original. So many opportunities to smile at oneself and say aloud: "It's what we all thought Lewis Carroll meant." :)"