More Praise for Hostage
October 02

More Praise for Hostage

From Ije Ajibade in NetGalley: 

I usually avoid YA stories but I am starting to realise that there are some really talented authors writing these novels.
Hostage is a great fantasy story which I really enjoyed. Two princes, one of whom is held hostage by the other, have to learn to work together in order to overcome a common enemy.
Of course this is just the bare bones of the story. Combine this with extraordinary abilities, a shared but mysterious destiny, tragedies of the past, and present conspiracies, and you have an excellent and attention grabbing drama.
It certainly gripped and held my attention. I enjoyed the story as a whole but I particularly loved the two princes and their different characteristics. Astrin - the hostage, is wise and prudent and reflective. Rowan - the captor - is impulsive and hot headed but yet open, honest, loving and courageous. 
And both princes become closer and learn to draw upon each other's strengths in order to find a way forward for both their embattled kingdoms.
This is a classic enemies, to friends, to lovers story without the usual explicit and some times disruptive mechanical sex scenes that can often be found in mm books. My only complaint was the arch enemy ended up being a black guy. Why doe the ethnic minority have to be evil especially in a YA story? 
Anyway moving on!
So yes it is a great YA story. But in all honesty it is simply a really good story. I particularly enjoyed the sense of adventure and mystery that underlies the story and the different challenges and events that both princes had to deal with.
This is the second YA story that I have read from Dreamspinner this year and once again it is a truly good one. It makes me realise that I should check out a few more.
A lovely book from a talented author and well worth reading if you like fantasy.