More Praise for Colors
January 20

More Praise for Colors

Kevin at Random Reading and More writes: Ever start reading a book in a genre you don’t usually read and you expect it to be groundbreaking with eye-opening epiphanies on every page?

Yeah, me neither.

Colors is a well-written and timely story. The main characters – Neil, Melissa, Zane, and Aunt Jenny – come across as people you’d want to know and have in your life. Unfortunately, the decision that Neil has to make to right a wrong concerns something that happens far too often and stays hidden, sometimes for a lifetime. Ultimately, it is this struggle that also makes the novel worth reading. There are no easy answers to Neil’s dilemma, and everything isn’t wrapped up neatly like a package at the end, though it comes dangerously close.

If there is a fault with Colors it is that it almost slips into afternoon special/Saturday morning TV mode near the end. The author gets back on track quickly and ends with me wanting to read more about Neil, his aunt Jenny, Zane, and Zane’s friend Cara (who is only heard from when she and Zane text each other).

Rating 4.5 Stars

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