More Love for Mad About the Hatter!
August 25

More Love for Mad About the Hatter!

More NetGalley reviewers praising Mad About the Hatter!

Bev Humphrey gives if 5 stars. "Oh my goodness I loved this book! Very fond of anything to do with Alice in Wonderland anyway but this continuation of the stories has such an original and refreshing slant that I was smiling and chuckling all the way through it. I was quite entranced by the book as a whole."

Stephanie Torina writes, "If you have been wanting to go on a trip to Wonderland, but wanted a new story to take you there, Mad About the Hatter by Dakota Chase is the one you want. This is a very fun retelling of Alice in Wonderland that you do not want to miss!" Read the full review here.

Selen Friedel says, "So far the best Alice retelling I have come across/read. I think I actually liked this more than the original novel!"

Tatiana Stapleton praised. "This trip down the rabbit hole brings you to a fabulously different Wonderland. Packed with lushly described new sides of Wonderland, Mad About the Hatter, is so fluffy and lighthearted I couldn't stop grinning as I read. I can't help hoping there may be more of Hatter and Henry's adventures to be read in the future. Or, at least, something more with Chase's wonderful, whimsical writing."