More Advance Praise for Fjord Blue
February 21

More Advance Praise for Fjord Blue

NetGalley reviewer Sabrina E. writes: I had fun reading Benjamin’s story, especially his slowly growing friendship with the local Even was lovely to witness. 

The book opens with Benjamin on his way to Norway, upset and annoyed about the prospect of spending ten weeks of his summer working on his grandparents farm. I got the impression he was glad in a way to postpone all legal affairs, community service and such which followed his car accident. Illegally speed racing on the streets of Miami wasn't the smartest thing. 

Benjamin’s attitude and behavior bothered me a little at first. How easily he brushed off the accident and how little he seemed to care about acting up, getting into trouble and causing his parents all sorts of problems and worries. 

It took me a few chapters until he grew on me. Slowly, it became more and more obvious how much he’d suffered from his realization that he was attracted to boys, or very specifically his best friend’s cousin, and his way of dealing with it was by acting up, more or less. I felt a little sympathy for him for the first time when he realized the car accident had affected him after all…

While I adored Even right from the start, it took me longer to accept and understand Benjamin. They’re almost polar opposites but that made for great, bantering friends, and watching them grow closer was obviously the highlight of the story. There were some fun bits, sweet scenes and a couple of touching moments. 

Pretty much all of Even’s friends were super likable and great side characters. They didn’t dominate the story though, and I liked that.

Ben’s relationship with his grandparents, and his dad especially, was very nice and I also liked that it didn’t dominate the book. At least it didn’t feel like it. 

Fjord Blue is well-written and I loved the setting and scenery. Being from Germany & Austria I’ve seen a lot of mountains, lakes, and other beautiful scenery. Norway has never been on my radar or seemed particularly attractive to me, simply because I expected it to be very similar to where I’m from. While reading the book I did a lot of googling and realized there’s something special about those fjords after all, and I’d love to visit some time! 

There is that bit in the book where a bunch of the boys take a hiking trip to Trolltunga and it just looks so lovely! I was able to paint a good picture by reading alone, and especially those scenes up on the mountain was funny and very, very lovely.