Meet Cristina Mera Richards, Citizen of the New World’s Hovering Platform New Bayou
June 16

Meet Cristina Mera Richards, Citizen of the New World’s Hovering Platform New Bayou


Q: What is life like on a hovering platform?


CMR: I wouldn’t know what to compare it to, really. It’s all I’ve known. I can say that everything about society as I’ve known it seems fake and tiresome – a long string of lies.




Q: So you’re not what one might call a socialite?


CMR: If you want to keep yourself and your home safe, a certain amount of inspired socializing is essential. I socialized with the ex-mayor’s son and his fiancé, for instance. I could hardly stomach either of them, but a lady’s got to do what a lady’s got to do.




Q: How has your life changed, now that you’re a changeling?


CMR: The changeling status certainly gives a person a certain amount of power and thereby freedom. I’m well-known and not a target of harvesters or under the power of hovering platform authorities, for instance. But I have certain responsibilities, too. As an apprentice of Nikola Skazat, I am learning potionism, for one thing. And I will at some point have to graduate from changeling to alkemist, at which point I’ll have to have and sustain a hovering platform of my own.




Q: You don’t sound too excited about the role as alkemist. Isn’t it something you want to do?


CMR: I can’t say that I’d want that particular role. As a resident alkemist, it would be my responsibility to procure float fuel, distilled from souls with positive float factor. Nikola tells me she’ll come up with the technology to use only the souls of those dying natural deaths – terminations wouldn’t be required. I refuse to terminate citizens to procure their souls for float fuel, even if the survival of life depends on the permanence of hovering platforms and they can only be powered with float fuel that is made of distilled souls.




Q: Don’t you feel responsible to use the skills you do have? As an alkemist, you could keep alive countess generations on a hovering platform. You could create a micro-society to your own liking, with whatever rules you deem fit.


CMR: Tempting as it may sound, the idea scares me too much for it to truly appealing. What if the former resident alkemist of New Bayou had started out with similar ideas? Living forever does things to a person, from what I’ve seen. The lines between right and wrong don’t just blur, but vanish without a trace. I will postpone have such power for however long I can, if only to make sure I’ll use it wisely by the time it does fall upon me to do so.




Q: Rumor has it that there’s more than a master-apprentice connection between the current resident alkemist of New Bayoy, Nikola Skazat, and yourself. Are you in love?


CMR: A while ago I might have replied clearly and confidently that I, for one, was. But Nikola is different than she was when I first met her. Things happened before she became the resident alkemist. I find that adjusting to these changes can be…challenging, at times. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Read my story and decide for yourselves.