Lucky Linus is
March 06

Lucky Linus is "A Beautiful Little Book"

From Carlyn Morenus in NetGalley: This is a beautiful little book. Very short, simple writing, but it tells a powerful story of a thoroughly likable 14-year-old boy who has been through far too much pain in his life -- neglected by his mother, abused in her home, having endured a long string of foster homes, and now, as a young teen, he's with a family he is afraid to love because he knows it will never work out. It never does for him. And yet he's still somehow rather innocent and trusting, and against all odds, hopeful that this time it will be different.

But Linus has secrets. The biggest is that he's gay. He's certain that if his foster family finds out, they'll throw him out of their lives. So he tries to hide it. When he meets Kevin, though, he falls hard, and makes some poor choices in trying to make everything work. You'll have to read the book for yourself to see how it all turns out.

Fine writing, a strong story, and a very quick read. I want to read more of Gene Gant's work now. Strongly recommended on many levels -- race relations, gay teens, foster care, abuse -- all of these elements might seem too much for a short book, but Gant makes it work very well indeed.