J. Scott Coatsworth's Top 5 Sci Fi & Fantasy Films

J. Scott Coatsworth's Top 5 Sci Fi & Fantasy Films
Thursday February 15, 2018


When Dreamspinner asked me to put together a top five list, it only seemed natural to come up with a list of my favorite sci fi and fantasy films of all time. :)

So here it goes:

1. Star Wars (1977): The original one. I was nine years old when it came out, and it rocked my world. I begged every relative I knew to take me - back in the days when many theaters had just one screen and lines were literally around the block - and I saw it seven times.

2. Edward Scissorhands (1992): It was the perfect metaphor for a gay kid. OK, so I was twenty four by then, but it was one of the first films I saw with my husband, and Johnny Depp was weird and amazing.

3. The Dark Crystal (1982): Jim Henson. Gelflings. Mystery and fantasy. Many folks went to see this expecting the muppets, but it was a truly original tale about a grand quest. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

4. Minority Report (2002): Based loosely on a Phillip K. Dick story, it’s a near future warning about a world where precrime - even thinking about a crime - can get you arrested, and how someone figures out a way to game the system to carry out a murder without being caught. Also cute Tom Cruise before he went a little nuts.

5. District Nine (2009): Widely seen as an allegory for racism and bigotry among humans, this dark and insightful film is set in South Africa, well known for Apartheid, and even manages to explore what it means to be human in the process.


Those are some of my favorites - how about you?


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