It’s Release Day for Thárros!
April 14

It’s Release Day for Thárros!

The Elpida series focuses on Christy and Michael’s relationship but Jake, Michael’s best friend, plays a big role in both of their lives. Jake is the best friend everyone wishes to have. In this scene, Christy, Michael, and Jake are being interviewed by talk show host, John Ames, and Christy learns that Michael and Jake fried ants with a magnifying glass when they were young. It goes without saying that Christy believes this mistreatment of hymenoptera is the height of cruelty and doesn’t hesitate to make his feelings known. Enjoy and please enter the giveaway here.


“It’s public knowledge that you’re dating Sophia Antoniou. What’s it like to date a supermodel?”

“I feel like an ant.”

John smiled and looked at the camera before looking back at Jake. “Would you like to expound on that?”

“When we were kids, Michael and I used to fry ants with a magnifying glass. We’d aim it so the sun went through it like a laser beam, and they’d wiggle and squirm and get all curled up as they fried and died.” Jake imitated dying like an ant, and Michael burst into laughter with the audience.

Jake continued. “So it’s like dating anyone else, except you have this giant media magnifying glass over your head, and you’re praying no one aims it just right under the sun.”

“You’re concerned you’ll be fried by the media?”

Jake glanced nervously at his dad across the stage. “That, or by my dad. He has a magnifying glass of his own. No, seriously, she’s wonderful and we work hard to make sure we have a lot of private time away from the magnifying glass.”

Christy withdrew from Michael’s arm and looked at him, incredulous. “You did this?”

Michael glanced at Jake. “Thanks a lot, man.” He turned back to Christy. “Yeah, we did.”

Christy glared at Michael.

“What, babe?” he asked as he tried to put his arm back around Christy.

Christy pushed him away. “Do not do this again.”

“Never again. Promise.”

Christy turned his furious glare on Jake.

“Hey, I swore off ant frying years ago.”

“Do you make the promise?”

“Absolutely. I’ll never fry another ant again.”

Somewhat satisfied, Christy said a soft, “Okay.”

“No problem, little buddy.”

“Do not tell this story to Sophia.”

Jake nodded. “You got it. Won’t say a word.”

“Okay. This is good.”

Grinning, John turned to face the camera. “That wraps up our time here on the show. Thank you for your time, Michael. You too, Christy and Jake.”

“Thanks, John,” Michael said as he stood and shook John’s hand.

“Thank you, John,” Christy said politely as he stood with Michael’s help.

“Thanks, John,” Jake said.

Thunderous applause erupted from the audience again.

“I cannot believe you did this,” Christy said.

“Now that I look back on it, I can’t either.”

“This is a cruel thing to do to a small creature.”

Michael turned serious. “It is. I’m sorry I ever did it.”

Christy sized Michael up. “You will not do this again.”

“Nope, I won’t. Promise.”

“We will go now.”

Michael whispered to Jake as they followed Christy offstage and headed to where Nero stood. “I’m gonna hurt you, bro.”

Jake sighed. “I was insensitive.”

“You were.”

“I’ll work on it.”

Michael shot him a pointed look. “Faster.”

“I’m changing as we speak.”


Jake one-arm hugged Michael and kissed the side of his head. “Always here for you, bro.”