Hot Seat: Robin Lippincott & Julia Watts
May 05

Hot Seat: Robin Lippincott & Julia Watts

Which sentence from your new release do you particularly enjoy?

Julia: My main character, Syd, wears black and has a very rock 'n roll style.  Her mom, however, is very girly, dyes her her blonde, and wears a lot of pink.  Syd says of their differing styles:  "She's cotton candy; I'm licorice."

Robin: This sentence describes the closed and boarded-up movie theatre in downtown Vermillion, Georgia, where the novel takes place: "The marquee’s still there, but it’s always empty, which looks really sad, like a mind with no thoughts."

Describe your writing story in 5 words or less:

Julia: "Real friends create fictional friends."

Robin: "Real friends create fictional friends."

Pick something each of you learned about the other while writing together.

Julia: I learned that Robin, like me, likes to start off the day's writing while still in his pajamas.

Robin: I learned that Julia is a much better storyteller than I am.

How did you decide on the book's title?

Julia: It grew out of a line in the book where a bully looks at the main characters and says, "Rufus plus Syd.  Freaks in love."  Instead of taking it as the insult it was intended as, they embrace it.

Robin: As Julia said, it came from a line in the book that shows the characters embracing something that was intended as an insult.

Quick Fire...

Coffee or tea?

Julia: Tea.  If I don't have a cup of Earl Grey first thing in the morning, I'm incapable of impersonating a functional human being.  Being Southern, I also like iced tea in the p.m. hours.

Robin: Coffee, first thing: I can't function without it.

Facebook or Twitter?

Julia: I have both Facebook and Twitter accounts, but I prefer Facebook.  Maybe because I'm a novelist, I find the tiny word limit on Tweets very intimidating.

Robin: Facebook. I agonize enough over the wording of things, which Twitter would just seem to exacerbate.

Cats or dogs?

Julia: Both!  I have four cats and one very spoiled, entitled pug. 

Robin: Cats when I was a child I thought cats were female and dogs were male, and because I was getting bullied by boys a lot at that time, it followed that I would prefer cats. I still do.

Print book or e-books?

Julia: As a reader, I'm still an old-fashioned girl on this issue.  I love the feel of a book in my hands.  Plus, I'm too nervous to read off a tablet in the bathtub!

Robin: I prefer to read print books, but I also enjoy the sales of my own e-books.