Harmony Is...Confidence
January 02

Harmony Is...Confidence

Confidence in Starsong: Book Three in The Sun Dragon Series


by Annabelle Jay


Starsong: Book Three in The Sun Dragon Series has two main characters: Nimue, the princess of the planet Draman, and Sara Lee, her maid. Sara Lee has been in love with Nimue for years, but Nimue is completely unaware of Sara Lee’s feelings for her. She does suspect that Sara Lee wishes she had chosen a different gender at the Naming Ceremony, when all Dramanians (Bone Dragons who mostly stay in their human form) at the age of ten must pick whether they will live their lives as a male or a female, despite having the parts of both sexes.


Although Sara Lee initially lacks the confidence to express her feelings to Nimue, when a ten-year-old child going through the Naming Ceremony refuses to pick a gender and instead stands up to the king, their confidence finally inspires Sara Lee to take a stand:


Soon the last child took the floor. Nothing about the shoes, the shape of the clothing beneath, or even the facial features gave him or her away, and after years of ceremonies, I was an expert. Finally challenged, I sat up in my seat and watched this one with interest. Their eyes were an intense green, extremely rare for the darker complexion of Dramanians. There was a focus in every movement of the limbs, a calculation not often found in children, though the limbs of this child were much smaller and daintier than their age would suggest.


“Red or black, dear?” the master of ceremonies prompted. The hour was late, and our guests had not yet had dessert. After that there would be dancing, and I was sure Aduerto would insist on parading me around the room on his arm.




The child—who ends up with the name Skelly—and Sara Lee escape to the stars and leave Draman behind. Or at least that was their plan, until the planet is invaded by the robots Earth’s inhabitants were trying to flee in Book Two.


Throughout the book, confidence continues to play a large role in the lives of all of the characters. Merlin has completely lost himself after the death of his lover, Nimue cannot figure out how she feels about Sara Lee, and the entire population of Draman wonders if they have the strength to go into battle against the robots. No one feels secure with who they are or who they might become.


Much like The Sun Dragon and Merlin’s Moon, in the third Sun Dragon Series book, Sara Lee and Nimue must learn to trust their instincts and listen to their hearts if they hope to defeat the evil robots. Fortunately, after they travel back in time and land on Earth, they have the help of characters from the first two books to guide them on their journey. Good thing, too—the villains giving the robots their orders don’t lack confidence, and they will stop at nothing to defeat the princess and maid before they make it back to their own world.