Harmonious Hearts 2015 is
November 18

Harmonious Hearts 2015 is "Impressive"

Librarian and NetGalley reviewer Rachel Reeves says:

The book is a compilation of short stories by young authors (14-21 years old), and the writing quality varies.... A few were exceptional and were the quality I would expect of seasoned published authors. Melissa Dollison's "Home Before the Moon Turns" was my favorite of the stories, written by a college student from VA. It's an imaginative re-telling that is a mash-up of the stories of Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" and Little Red/Scarlett of "Little Red Riding Hood". It's brilliant and so well-written. All of these teens have bright futures ahead of them, I'm quite sure. Even those with some work to do still are far ahead of the game for their effort and putting themselves out there as they have. I'm impressed by them all for that.