Happy Endings for Hidden Sexualities by Calista Lynne
July 11

Happy Endings for Hidden Sexualities by Calista Lynne

I see no shame in happy endings. Why society decided that an ending where the characters get what they want and skip off into the sunset should be seen as lesser is baffling to me. In the end, that’s what we’re all hoping for. Seeing someone else, even if they are fictional, actually find joy brings us closer to ours. It shows readers that it’s possible.

            My upcoming novel We Awaken not only ends on a cheery note, but it also centers around two female asexuals in a same sex relationship. I’d say it’s rare to find happy endings for such characters in literature, but it’s hard to find asexuals in the media in general. Some of you reading this might not even know what the sexuality is, which is part of the reason why I wrote the book. Asexuality is when someone doesn’t feel sexually attracted to any gender. This doesn’t mean they can’t be in caring relationships and seek love. Growing up ace can be extremely lonely and ostracizing, especially for someone who doesn’t know this is a real thing and that they aren’t broken.

            Readers have been asking for more representation and my goal was to fill that void in the market while also delivering a story of magical realism that would interest anyone, regardless of their sexuality. I wrote my own representation and my own happy ending. If these lesser known sexualities aren’t discussed through outlets like literature, they will remain lesser known. Young people deserve to see relatable characters living a life they can strive for. There’s only so many articles one can write on the topic that people will listen to. Sometimes you just need to sit down and roll out a cheesy Young Adult romance where characters disprove misconceptions in order for the message to truly get across. So that’s why I wrote about asexuals and ladies loving ladies.

            And that’s why my characters deserve their happy ending.