Gene Gant's Favorite Prom Movies
March 04

Gene Gant's Favorite Prom Movies

My Five Favorite Prom Movies
Prom is a special even in a teen's life--if it comes off in the way it should, that is. Every kid, whether straight, gay, or somewhere in between, ought to have the joy of dancing that magical night away with someone special. My own prom was like that, thank God.
I've always had a soft spot for movies about proms, even sad ones where some poor kid gets a broken heart. Without further ado, here's a list of my five favorite movies featuring proms.
This film depicts the true story of an openly gay Canadian teenager who fights for the right to take the guy of his choice to the prom. Any questions as to why this one is at the top of my list? 
In addition to being one of the best time travel movies ever, this film has just about the sweetest and zaniest prom scene ever. Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox in what is arguably his best role) gets trapped in the past and manages against hilariously daunting odds to unite his mother and father at their prom, thus ensuring his own future existence.
3: Carrie
This is a twisted choice, perhaps (and it won’t be the only one on this list). The story of a lonely teenaged girl who, after being physically and mentally abused by her mother and tortured by bullies at her school, turns the tables on her tormentors with a burst of telekinetic power…. Well, let’s just say that I cheered for Carrie. I love both the original version and the remake, by the way.
Funnier than any of its sequels, this blue comedy about a bunch of guys on a quest to lose their virginity by prom night features raunchiness, nudity, and sex—just a few of Mike Huckabee’s favorite things.
I know this movie has its detractors who think Kristen Stewart was a bad actress portraying a girl who was either a fool or a masochist (or both). But the scene of Bella and Edward at the prom was pure magic to me.