For My Crew  by Annabelle Jay
January 09

For My Crew  by Annabelle Jay


Deciding on acknowledgments for a first book is easy; after eight books, the perfect dedication gets significantly harder.  However, when I sat down to pick the names that appear at the beginning of Addis on the Inside, the solution was simple: the book is about a crew of girls who are “sisters”—people who would do anything for each other—and I’m lucky enough to be part of a crew like that myself.  

We might not be orphans bent on escaping a rehabilitation facility in order to save our parents from Authorities bent on gassing their drug-filled domes, but we are best friends and have had each other’s backs since kindergarten, first grade, and middle school. We look somewhat alike, the way the Addis all look alike; we are also all incredibly different, the way that Jayla’s crew all play a different role in their survival. Still, although we all have pursued different goals and I’ve  left home to pursue my writing career and a PhD, every time we’re together,  it’s like we are right back where we left off:  just four girls enjoying the closeness of our “sisters.” 

No matter what obstacles we face, we will always be there for each other—even to take a bullet during a rescue, for example…though I don’t want to give away too much.