Fjord Blue Review
April 05

Fjord Blue Review

Shooting Stars Mag Review

Fjord Blue was one of those books where I really just wanted the attraction between Ben and Even to finally lead to something! Rossing definitely keeps you hanging in suspense for a bit.

Regardless, there is more going on in this book than just the possibility of romance. After living life on the wild side for a bit, and almost killing himself in a car racing accident, Ben is sent to live with his dad's parents in Norway for the summer. This means a summer of no contact with the outside world, waking up early in the morning to work the farm. Of course, the fact that Even works for his grandparents means that Ben has someone to pine over, if only he can really get over the fact that he's gay.

First off, let me say that I love books set in other countries. It was great to read Rossing's descriptions of the land and the people in Norway. I can see why it would be a nice vacation for people - as you see in the form of foreigners coming to view the farm as a means of gaining extra money.

As for the characters, I really liked Ben, even if he's quick to do things he really shouldn't. It's easy to see that he's growing and changing while in Norway though. He's beginning to think more of the future and less about the present moment. His grandparents are definitely old-fashioned in many ways, but I loved the ways they surprised the reader. As for Even, he has some baggage and a past that he isn't willing to share right away. I was definitely curious to learn more about him and he's someone that you'll surely fall in love with, as he's always trying to be positive and keep his eye on the future and how life will be better in the long run.

I will admit that Fjord Blue was a bit of a slow read in places, but well worth it in the end!

This was a Bridge the Gap book. The book is not only set in Norway, but that is where the author lives as well, so you know it's accurate!