Five Stars for Weathering the Storm
November 16

Five Stars for Weathering the Storm

NetGalley reviewer Tina Brunelle writes:

I don't review a whole lot of YA, but I am so very glad I picked up Weathering the Storm by Caitlin Ricci. This is a sweet, yet very powerful coming of age and first love romance.

Robbie has always been the black sheep of his family. His father was always hard on him. Harder than on his two brothers. But he accepts that, he has his horse and his riding. That is all he needs in his life. That is till his mom dies. Then the hatred that his father has for him changes to violence. Anything can set the man off. Robbie has no idea why either. When they move to Uncle Caleb's, Robbie gets his first friend in Sam, a stable hand that lives on the property. Sam is openly gay.

I loved that about him that no matter what his dad did he didn't break the good soul Robbie has. Robbie has a good heart; he has just never been allowed to show it till Sam. Sam is a good kid. He knows who he is, and he wants to help Robbie; he just doesn't know how. He is also getting over an old love too. I liked how Sam leads Robbie and eventually gets his man.

This story really is powerfully written. There are a few scenes that are not for the tender-hearted, but I still think it is a beautifully done YA with themes of excepting yourself, and finding yourself while still being a teenager. 

Five Shooting Stars

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