Five Stars for Harmonious Hearts 2015
October 25

Five Stars for Harmonious Hearts 2015

NetGalley reviewers are heaping praise on Harmonious Hearts 2015: Stories from the Young Author Challenge.

Kate Sharpe raved: Harmonious Hearts is one of the most heartfelt books I've ever read. It brings to light the experiences of sexuality in young adults and let's the audience understand and experience the hardships of each and everyone of the characters.

All of the authors in this book captured the personalities of each and every one of these characters perfectly in a way that the readers feel as though they are there and are friends with them.

This best thing about the book is that there were various different [stories] and also authors. When I first started it I was drawn in immediately and I am so happy I was able to finish it. It's great topic and a great way to bring the topic about I loved it so much and I urge everyone to read it!

I really enjoyed this book and I am most upset that I have finished it.

Rose Willmot wrote: A fantastic collection of short stories from young writers. Each author has a style that is both riveting and likeable. A great read for all ages from teen to adult, you won't be disappointed.

Virag Csillag said: there are a few real gems in this anthology. i liked every story, though there were one or two that didn't grow on me as much as some of the others that i absolutely loved. it's still worth five stars in my opinion. it was a really entertaining read.