Elizabeth Noble's Top 5 Faves About Firefly

Elizabeth Noble's Top 5 Faves About Firefly
Thursday January 17, 2019


Hello and welcome to my Top 5 Favorites in celebration of the release of my latest novel, Whiskey and Moonshine. The book’s characters are fans of the television show, Firefly and there are bits from that show that are integral in the plot even though Whiskey and Moonshine is pure contemporary, no scifi at all. Firefly is one of my favorite shows, and I’d like to share five things (in no particular order) I like best about this show.


1. The ship. In the show, Serenity is what’s known as a firefly class ship. The views of the outside when the engines ignite make it look like a giant firefly in space, which is awesome. The inside is pretty cool too. It’s not perfect, things fall apart and break. The Serenity has that ‘lived in’ look.

2. The music. I’m not one to normally pay much attention to the music in a show, I’m more of a visual person. However, the music in the show is perfect and the lyrics to the opening song gives me chills. It speaks to why I love astronomy and the sky.

3. The dialog. There is some truly sparkling and entertaining dialog. I love banter and this show has it in buckets full.

4. The plots. Each episode deals with some issue or problem and does so in such a unique way. I’ve re-watched the series and the movie probably a dozen times and I always notice something new.

5. The character interaction. No story can be told without the players interacting in some manner. These people aren’t perfect, and their motivations aren’t always noble. They act from their hearts, which means they’re sometimes wrong. I love that.


Do you have some favorite books or shows that are genre hoppers, included in some important way in a story of an unrelated genre?  Do you like it when genre hopping happens?

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