Eight Raves for Mad About the Hatter!
August 19

Eight Raves for Mad About the Hatter!

NetGalley readers love Mad Abut the Hatter!

Arch Bala writes: "This modern take on Wonderland by author Dakota Chase is nothing short of ‘wonderful.’ " Read the full review here.

Inge van de Kraats says "Okay, so this was a ridiculously fun reading experience.... I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who’s looking for a unique Alice retelling."

Shaila Kalicharan wrote: "I absolutely loved Wonderland, I think we need more books with bisexual characters where sexuality isn’t even an issue."

Katie Michelle said: "I loved the imagination, the romance, the made-up words.... I also smelled a sequel at the end.... If there does end up being one, I'll definitely be reading."

Priscila Alvarado admits that even though she never read Alice in Wonderland, " I really liked this book, it was different and something I would totally recommend!!"

J W calls it "a brilliant and humorous spin-off of the traditional Alice in Wonderland tale... 5 stars!"

And Curtis Jefferson writes: "Dakota Chase demonstrates a creativity and an original voice here that truly stands out. I look forward to more from this author, for sure!" Read the full review here.