September 04

Do-Gooder "An Easy 10/10"

NetGalley reviewer Mitch Obrecht writes:

Don't let the title fool you. This is an incredible read.

I wanted something different. I've read so many urban fantasy and paranormal romance books lately, I needed something ... different. I wasn't expecting this.

Here's the basics ... There are two main characters, Israel and Henry. The story is told through Izzy's POV. He super resents his absentee father, who is like a Doctors Without Borders kinda guy, living in Africa for the last 20 years. Izzy and his mom live in the states. Something happened and he is forced to go spend the summer with his dad.

His dad doesn't show up at the airport to get him. Instead, he sends his assistant, Henry. Izzy and Henry have an instant love-hate relationship (though neither will admit it). There are complications when the pair is kidnapped by a gang of mercenaries, and the book becomes an action adventure with a warp speed fast space.

Izzy is type 1 diabetic. Horrific stuff happens to him because of his medical condition. It's the first time I've seen it accurately described in fiction. Either the author personally is diabetic, or they've done one hell of a job of research. Speaking of, it feels like the author has done a ton of research, from the dialect used in specific regions, to exact depictions of travel among the regions. At times, it feels like I'm peeking in on someone's journal.

I loved the story and the writing. It's an easy 10/10 from me. I was not familiar with this author going in, but based on this, I won't hesitate to buy more.