C. Kennedy's Prom: Stairway To Heaven
March 01

C. Kennedy's Prom: Stairway To Heaven

Hey, this is Cody Kennedy and welcome to Harmony Ink’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration! Being a Harmony Ink Press author isn’t only an honor and privilege, it’s totally freakin’ awesome! Each week during this month, I’ll be sharing some hilarity from high school and this week we’re talking about prom!


I graduated high school at the end of my sophomore year at the age of fifteen and a half—I know, right? Total nerd here—so I wasn’t able to go to prom until the year after my graduation. I was asked by…. Ha! Nice try. But he was nice and hot! Being out wasn’t possible back then, so we went with a group of other people. Nothing like seven dates for prom night! The theme was Stairway to Heaven and I wore a powder blue shirt and tux jacket, and—so embarrassing to admit this—matching Angle Flight pants. I was stylin’ in bellbottoms. We had fun listening to music and holding up the walls and, after prom, we went to Disneyland and spent the entire night there!


I would have missed prom not only because I graduated early, but also because I wasn’t comfortable with myself. The boy who asked me to go was supportive and nurturing, and gave me what I needed to be able to work up the courage to go. Prom is a twice-in-a-lifetime event and no matter your sexuality, gender identity, or gender expression, make it a point to go to prom. You’ll thank yourself years later.


Happy 3rd Anniversay, Harmony Ink Press!


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