BA Tortuga's Top 5 Things About Spring in New Mexico

BA Tortuga's Top 5 Things About Spring in New Mexico
Thursday April 12, 2018


Hey y’all!

So, I’m a freak for spring. Seriously. I love the whole warming up, budding out, flip-flop season is coming thing. I love to dig in the dirt, to plant my garden, to watch the finches and the robins and the jays come back

I have to tell you, springtime in high desert New Mexico is a lot different than in Texas. For one? It doesn’t come on Valentine’s Day. Springtime here starts way closer to April, and lasts damn near to June. 

So, here is my top 5 things I love about springtime in New Mexico:

1. The cactus (yes, I know it’s officially cacti, I just don’t care) blooming. I swear to God, y’all. The COLOR. Pinks and reds and whites and yellows and dark purple and it’s like the desert got painted. 

2. The changing of the birds. My beloved ravens head to Santa Fe and my Sandia finches come to live in the backyard. I have a mated pair of broadwing hawks, two pairs of mountain jays, a flock of robins, and a family of quails (we have a fenced part of the yard so they can nest without getting eaten by the hounds).

3. Roses. I plant roses every year. One day, I will be like Sleeping Beauty’s castle. ALL THE ROSES, OMG. I love them with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.

4. Open windows. I live for this, y’all. Open doors, open windows, breezes blowing the curtains, the whole world smelling like fresh air.

5. Digging in the dirt. This is one of my passions. Tomatoes, aloes, deer tongue, morning glories, petunias, ice plants, beans. You name it, I want to plant it and watch it grow and worry over it.

So, that’s mine. Jabber at me about your favorite season and why?

Much love, y’all.