Another 5 Stars for Mad About the Hatter
August 31

Another 5 Stars for Mad About the Hatter

Laura Garfoot gives 5 out of 5 stars in NetGalley.

"Mad about the Hatter follows Henry, Alice's younger brother, into Wonderland. Alice sends him there because he doesn't believe Wonderland exists and thinks that Alice is making everything up. He is told to ask for Hatter. The Red Queen has Hatter imprisoned, she sends him to bring 'boy Alice' (Henry) back to her to be beheaded. Henry and Hatter dislike each other very much to start with but the longer they are together the more they warm to each other, and feelings begin to develop as they try to get Henry home.

The book brought back so many memories of reading 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Alice through the Looking Glass'. This was very reminiscent of both but also very different and much more adult. I loved the humour running throughout. This is the first LGBT book i have read and loved it. Very easy to read, loved the characters and the cover is gorgeous!

I am Mad about the Hatter and Henry!"