Annabelle Jay  at Diversity in YA
February 28

Annabelle Jay at Diversity in YA

Writing in the Diversity in YA blog, Annabelle says: 

In one of the recent reviews of my new novel, The Sun Dragon, a reader pointed out that the book was not a romance. There are romantic elements—Allanah, the main character, is a bisexual girl who ends up with two love interests that she must pick between—but the novel is solidly a fantasy story. There are witches, dragons, and epic battles to save the magical universe. Such is the case with most of my books, whether young adult fantasy or otherwise.

It got me thinking, why does the question of romance come up over and over again in reviews of my books?

The answer lies in my books’ classification. When readers see LGBTQ+, they assume that the story will center on the main character’s sexual identity or a romance of some kind. In all fairness, many LGBTQ+ stories do this. But not mine.

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