An Epic Finale by Annabelle Jay
February 23

An Epic Finale by Annabelle Jay


Writing the ending to a five book fantasy series is no easy feat. In my case, however, the task was even more challenging. Not only does every book in the Sun Dragon Series have a different protagonist, but that main character is part of the next generation and usually a member of a different magical group within the Sun Dragon Universe—wizard, dragon, etc. As I finished Luminosity, the fifth and final book in the series, I knew that I had to bring all of these worlds together. But how?

Luminosity is about transgender teenager Luke, the world’s last Artist (she can draw things into existence), and her quest to prevent the evil incubi, including her father, from destroying the world. I knew that Luke would find Merlin—a character from the last few books—and with his help would meet the wizards and their Council, but I wanted the fight to be even bigger than that. Then the answer came to me: what better to unite the many feuding dragon clans, wizards, sorceresses, birds, and other magical beings than a battle of good and evil to save the entire universe?

Many of readers’ favorite characters from previous books, including Merlin, King Grian, and Blair, join forces with Luke, Luke’s crush, Luke’s accidental girlfriend, and a ton of other new characters. At the same time, they all play a part in Luke’s decision about whether to transition physically into the girl she’s always been inside. 

If she hopes to save the world, Luke must help bring all of these magical beings together and form a plan that will defeat the incubi once and for all—but is she ready to pay the ultimate price to do it?