After the “Happily Ever After” with Annabelle Jay
July 25

After the “Happily Ever After” with Annabelle Jay

One of the most interesting parts of my Sun Dragon Series is that every book is about the next generation of dragons, wizards, or whoever else the previous book featured. In this case, the main character of Caden’s Comet: Book Four in The Sun Dragon Series is Grian, the son of two characters from Starsong: Book Three in The Sun Dragon Series. 

Unfortunately, getting to see what happens after the “happily ever after” doesn’t mean the “after” will be happy. From the very beginning of Caden’s Comet, we discover that the two parents of Grian have been separated by outside forces, in this case an abduction and possible murder of Grian’s mother Sara Lee. Unlike her wife Nimue, Sara Lee prefers to train as army general rather than prepare for the royal balls or select the royal gowns, and it is on one of her latest missions that she disappears. 

From that day on, Grian begins to have dreams. At first the dreams are made of just a pair of eyes—then hair the color of dirt and brown wings after them. Eventually, Grian’s fair godparent Skelly, another character from Starsong, informs him of a prophesy: Grian must find his soulmate in order to unite the dragon clans. All of his dreams have been of that soulmate, Caden, who apparently is an Earth Dragon. 

Thus Grian embarks on a journey to Earth, where he meets Merlin from Merlin’s Moon: Book Two in The Sun Dragon Series, and where he hopes to find Caden before the Earth Dragons protecting their land find Grian. Time is running out, and even if he does find his soulmate, how will he know whether he is truly in love?

Little does Grian know that he might uncover secret information about the fate of Sara Lee in the process…