Advance Praise for Ball Caps and Khakis
February 11

Advance Praise for Ball Caps and Khakis

Reviewer Daniela Würdig writes: Brace yourself for some heavy themes. This book deals with different forms of rape and thoughts about consent issues. And I really like how it deals with it. It is totally appropriate and understandable for a young adult. Important to know and think about, too, if you ask me.

There are no explicit details, neither of the rape, that happened in the past, nor about the messages. Those are mostly talked about without actually quoting them.

It was easy to like Manny, his parents were realistic in their concerns and nearly perfect in their reactions to Manny being homoromantic and asexual (yay! by the way). It was hard not to like Jim as well.

There are other books in this series and each seems to focus on a different character. Apparently the fifth book is about Jim's story/his past and there were a few references to things happening in it, but I never felt lost or like I missed anything.